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As soon as my Sister, Mom, Aunt and Christine arrived to my house on Friday, we made Disney Cocktails!

Curious Confection inspired by Alice

Curious Confection inspired by Alice

Since I had no idea how to layer shots, I first had to do some research: How to layer shots. The gravity of each liquid is below!

  • Blue Curacao– 1.11
  • Crème de Banana– 1.14
  • OJ – 1.15

Sounds easy enough… What could go wrong?!? Time to mix…


Final product – Only two turned out okay, and none looked like the picture above! Layers are hard!!


Cocktail Hour at Hunter’s Lodge!

We had cheese, crackers and chips to munch on… and since my family and I all have a sweet tooth, we obvs had to have a few sweet treats to choose from. I made a Chocolate Cream Cheese Pound Cake, and my Aunt brought over caramel brownies and a raspberry cake! Everything was SO good.


Sisters & Sisters! We shopped ’til we dropped on Saturday!!!