As soon as I arrived to work yesterday I received a compliment on my outfit and then, they just kept coming throughout the day! Thanks, but WTF! Whenever I was getting ready, my exact thoughts were, “meh – this’ll do” after I put it on. I’m so confused and have a lot of questions…

1 – Is this out really that cute?!

2 – Is it the necklace that makes me look put together?

3 – Do I normally look like crap, so this outfit was something out of the ordinary?

4 – Were there more woman in the office yesterday than usual?

5 – Why don’t people always compliment me because I wear stuff pretty comparable to this everyday?

6 – Seriously, is it the necklace?

I just don’t get it… but I’ll definitely be wearing this outfit again! The compliments were so nice and very unexpected.