My hubs and I have been talking about replacing my SUV for a while now, and two weeks ago, we finally did it! After test driving a few vehicles, I realized that the Jeep Grand Cherokee was exactly what I was looking for! I really loved my 2002 Explorer and was sad to see it go… but I’m thrilled to be driving something different. I’ve never had a brand new vehicle before, so leaving the dealership with only 24 miles on it was crazy! And the new car smell… YAS!

I really love all of the features that I have on my Jeep! Technology is amazing!!! Note: I know these features aren’t new to vehicles, but they’re new to me.

  1. My fav feature: I don’t have to take the keys out of my purse, ever. I have keyless entry and keyless start to turn on my engine… I even have an app that can start it and lock/unlock it!
  2. Heated seats and steering wheel! I mean, in Houston I doubt I’ll use it that much… but it’ll be nice to have whenever it gets cold!
  3. Back up camera and auto open/close trunk!
  4. One of the things that I don’t have is a cd player. However, I have an iPod hookup, SD reader and numerous USB ports, along with Bluetooth capabilities.  In my old suv, I only had a tape deck and cd player! It’s really funny to see how much things have changed, but I guess 13 years is a long time in the technology world…

Anyways, I just really really really love my new whip and so proud of it. I think it’s so beautiful and I’m looking forward to driving it for the next 10+ years.


Out with the old, in with the new – Ready for 2015!


2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee


One last pic of my Ford Explorer. Goodbye forever.