These tulips went from drab to fab in just 24 hours!


Before & After

Until this weekend, I thought once flowers started to droop, that was the end of them. I was really upset because I only had these tulips a few days before they started to flop, so I googled how to fix it and came across this article: The florist’s guide to flower arranging. I found that if you sear the stems, flowers will perk right up! “Even if they have flopped already, many flowers will make a total recovery after searing.”

I was pretty skeptical about sticking the stems in boiling water, but figured they were already ruined, so I had nothing to lose. It took about 24 hours for them to stand up again, and when they did, I was completely amazed!


Beautiful tulips taken on the first day I got them!

Just thought I would pass this cool tip along… Flowers are my favorite and I’ll do whatever I can to keep them alive for as long as possible!