For our first anniversary, Andrew and I decided to go “traditional” and we gave each other paper gifts, which were plane tickets to Peru! We spent the first half of the trip touring Lima and Cusco and the second half on an Amazon River Cruise!! (January 13 – January 22) I wrote about the first part two weeks ago!

Day 6 – 9 Amazon River Cruise: Our Amazon adventure was amazing! Once we were on the ship, we were paired up with seven other people and a tour guide. Throughout the time there, we ate dinner and went on excursions with these people; luckily we really enjoyed their company!

Our schedule on the boat was basically the same each day: breakfast, excursion, lunch, downtime, excursion, downtime, then dinner.


1 – We went out on a skiff to nature watch! We saw numerous birds that were indigenous to the rain forest and also saw some sloths!!!! The coolest thing that happened while were were on the river was that a pod of pink dolphins started swimming around us! PINK DOLPHINS!!!

2 – We went to the village of St. Regis and was invited into a family’s hut to see a demonstration of how they made a corn beer called Chicha.  Then we visited the local shaman who explained how she became a healer and tried a few herbal concoctions she had. (They all tasted like rum!)

3 – Jungle hike through the rain forest.

4 – We went to a village and got picked up by a local who we canoed with! Luckily, I was in a boat with the guide and Andrew, so I sat in the middle and didn’t have to paddle.

5 – Piranha fishing – As soon as you felt a nibble, you had to be quick and pull your line up because the piranha’s were super fast… I ending up catching one though! Andrew caught a sardine. 🙂

6 – Night tour looking for Caimans, which are small alligators native to Central and South America. We didn’t find any, but it was still a peaceful night on the Amazon.


On a skiff, heading to the cruise ship


Heading for the cruise ship in the Amazon


The map of where we were sailing


The mixing of brown and black water on the Amazon River



Nature! Sloths, indigenous birds and a pink dolphin!


Piranha fishing!


Our group

Downtime on the boat and beautiful sunsets!



King of the World!


On the bow.


Downtime = Hammock = Snooze time. I took one of the best naps of my life in this hammock!


First anniversary! ❤




So pretty!