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My sister had her bachelorette party recently and it was so much fun! Ever since she asked me to be her MOH, I’d been thinking of cute things to do at the party and ways to make it special and memorable.

I really love to DIY, and this party had a lot of it! It was so much fun creating bachelorettey things. About a month before her party, I got started with it all because I didn’t want to feel overwhelmed and rushed the week of. Also, I knew she was coming about a week before the party and staying with us for a while, so I wanted to be finished with most stuff before she came.

BACHELORETTE BASH: On Friday night, we hung out as we waited for everyone to arrive to my house for the party. We played Heads Up to pass the time! After breakfast on Saturday, we headed to the pool and swam all afternoon. That evening, we played bachelorette themed games (What’s in your Bag?, Celebrity Couples quiz, Guess those Lips, and Trivia about Holly and Robb), and then Holly opened up her lingerie gifts! After the events at home, we headed to Midtown to go to Howl at the Moon. Everyone left Sunday afternoon and it was really sad to see them go. It was such a fun weekend!



Countdown! This was my favorite thing that I made… The top part is chalk so you can actually countdown the days.

Sister & me

Sister & me

Group photo!

Everyone in Black except the Bride-to-be! (Katie, Kaci, Christine, B2B, Erin, Samantha & me)

Guess those Lips game!

Guess those Lips game!

Group at Howl at the Moon! (Me, Mom, Christine, Katie, B2B & Erin)

Group at Howl at the Moon! (Me, Mom, Christine, Katie, Holly & Erin)

DIY instructions to come next week. 🙂

collage 3

Cinderella signed art

Bachelorette Weekend keepsake for Holly. All the girls signed it!