This is an easy project that looks like a million bucks! I wish I could take all the credit on making this but my husband helped me. I never went to Home Depot for wood before so I needed him to guide me through it. I am ready for my next project because Home Depot will cut all the pieces for you. You can get started right when you get home!

Happy DIYing!

-2 1x6x4 plank boards
-1 2×4 studs
-gorilla glue
-wood stain

Milk Bottle Crate

1. Cut the 2×4 the same length as the 4ft boards

2. From the stud cut off 2 pieces 3.75″ for the sides

3. Stain all the pieces of your desired choice(wear gloves). I used MINWAX Dark Walnut stainer.

4. When finished drying glue the 1×6’s to the 2×4. Use clamps so it will hold together.

5. Glue the 3.75″ pieces to the 1×6’s.

6. I kept mine clamped together for a day to make sure it was secure. When finished I pulled out all the Starbucks coffee drink bottles, placed my floral decor, and stared at the beauty!

Milk Bottle Crate