If you’re like me, you don’t want to wear nice jewelry to the beach because you’re afraid you’re going to lose it, but want to wear something because it’s cute! We made these fun beach bracelets last weekend when we were in Galveston. They are easy to make and look great!

– yarn
– Bangles
– Charm
– Jewelry clasps
– Tweezers

1. With the yarn, tie a knot on the bangle.

2. Start wrapping the yarn around the bangle, keeping it tight as you go.

3. When you reach the end, tie another knot to keep the yarn tied.

4. Take the tweezers and open a jewelry clasp.

5. Put the clasp around the bangle and add your charm.

6. Close the clasp and it’s ready to wear!

DIY Beach Bracelets


DIY Beach Bracelets

DIY in Galveston

DIY Beach Bracelets

Finished product!