One day I was at one of my favorite stores, Hobby Lobby, just browsing. I came upon this laundry sign that I thought was so adorable but I didn’t need it. I did need a sign above my pantry. I decided to just snap a picture of it and one day when I am not busy make this. I guess the same day was…the day because I went to Michael’s and found 5 out of the 7 letters on SALE! I spent less on the letters than I did on the piece of wood from Lowe’s. Altogether, this piece of decor was about $18. I think that’s a steal!

Hobby Lobby’s sign I stole the idea from.
Hobby Lobby sign

My sign above the pantry.
My Kitchen DIY sign

– letters depending on what you want to spell
– piece of thin wood measured how long you want it. (They cut the wood for you at Lowe’s)
– paint if you decide to paint the wood. I didn’t.
– hot glue
– glue sticks
– Nails
– Hammer

1. Once your wood is cut, paint it (optional).

2. Before you start gluing down your letters make sure you place the letters down first to make sure you have them where you like.

3. Start gluing. I started with the letters on the ends first then worked my way to the middle.

4. Hang it up and you are done. It’s super cute and exactly what I was wanting for the bare space.