After we came home from the Nutcracker Market, we were filled with Christmas spirit and inspiration! We saw tons of holiday wooden signs ($50 and up) and thought this would be a fun DIY that we could do for a fraction of the cost.

Total cost was $10 and took about four hours.

DIY Wooden Christmas sign

– 6 ft. common board (bought & cut at Lowe’s)
– pencil
– paint
– stain & rag (optional)
– paint brush

1. If you’re going to apply a stain, do this first using a rag. Make sure to let dry before you move on to step 2.

2. Stencil the letters of the word you want with a pencil.

3. Fill in the letters with paint. After it’s dry, do a second coat to make brush strokes even.

DIY Wooden Christmas sign

Beautiful day for a DIY

DIY Wooden Christmas sign

Hodgepodge Houstonians

DIY Wooden Christmas sign

Signs outside our front door: (clockwise) Hannah, Katie, Heather & Holly