A few of months ago, Andrew and I went to Hong Kong (November 2 – 8)! We hung out on the main land, Kowloon Peninsula, for a few days and explored the city, then spend two days on Lantau Island where we went to Hong Kong Disneyland one of the days!

Kowloon Park – we saw the Avenue of the Comic Stars and the Garden of Life statue.
Hong Kong 2016 01


We headed down this street to eat a traditional Chinese lunch of Dim Sum.
Hong Kong 2016 02

Hong Kong 2016 03

Most of the dim sum was good! And this is not all of ours… there were seven of us eating all of this!


Hong Kong is known for their amazing skylines. This is the view from Victoria Peak!

Hong Kong 2016 04

Hong Kong 2016 05


Nan Lian Garden & Chi Lin Nunnery were very tranquil and beautiful.

Hong Kong 2016 06


Exploring Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple.

Hong Kong 2016 07


One of the favorite things that we did in Hong Kong was visiting the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery! The path going to the main hall is lined on both sides with golden Buddhas, each unique in different poses.

Hong Kong 2016 08

Hong Kong 2016 09


At the same site, we saw monkey roaming around!

Hong Kong 2016 10


We walked along the Victoria Harbour, then went to Ozone inside of the hotel, Ritz-Carlton. Ozone is the highest bar in the world!

Hong Kong 2016 11

Hong Kong 2016 12

Hong Kong 2016 13

At the Ozone.


Riding the Ngong Ping 360 tramway heading to the Big Buddha statue on Lantau Island.

Hong Kong 2016 14

Hong Kong 2016 15

Hong Kong 2016 16

Big Buddha on the left

Hong Kong 2016 17

The Statue of Liberty is 12,968 km away!

Hong Kong 2016 18

Big Buddha

Hong Kong 2016 19


We went to Disneyland the last day in Hong Kong! Stay tuned for part 2…