A few of months ago, Andrew and I went to Hong Kong (November 2 – 8)! We hung out on the main land, Kowloon Peninsula, for a few days and explored the city, then spend two days on Lantau Island where we went to Hong Kong Disneyland one of the days!

The last day in Hong Kong is when we went to Disneyland! It’s the smallest Disney park by far, but it will always be so special to me. Whenever I was interning at WDW in 2005, HK Disneyland was about to open so a bunch of cast members from Hong Kong come to Florida for training. I’m not sure if I feel a connection to HK Disneyland through the cast members I met or because of the whole internship itself; whatever it was, it has stuck with me and I can’t believe I was actually able to visit this place!


Here we are taking the monorail to the resort. All smiles!

Hong Kong 2016 20


At the entrance and walking down Main Street USA. It’s truly magical that every Disney park in the world has the same Mickey head greeting you as you walk through the turnstiles to enter the park. You know you’ve arrived!

Hong Kong 2016 21

Hong Kong 2016 22


Sleeping Beauty’s castle!

Hong Kong 2016 23

Hong Kong 2016 24


Taking a short break from all the entertainment and eating my favorite ice cream – the chocolate Mickey head ice cream bars!

Hong Kong 2016 25


One of the most unique rides was a spin-off from the Haunted Mansion in the USA. It’s called Mystic Manor and it was very cool!

Hong Kong 2016 26


I’ve always liked Toy Story a lot, but it wasn’t until I started dating Andrew that I really loved it! Here Andy is in Toy Story land! ❤

Hong Kong 2016 27

Hong Kong 2016 28

I love this picture SO MUCH!


Every Disney park has a 3 o’clock parade! This one is called Flights of Fantasy.

Hong Kong 2016 29


The last ride always has to be the carousel. ❤

Hong Kong 2016 30


One last pic before the sun goes down!

Hong Kong 2016 31


I love the nighttime shows: Paint the Night parade and Disney In The Stars fireworks!

Hong Kong 2016 33

Hong Kong 2016 34

Hong Kong 2016 32


Fireworks means Disney in closed! Until another day…

Hong Kong 2016 35

Hong Kong 2016 36

Hong Kong 2016 37