It’s National Barbie Day!

Ever since we were little we loved everything Barbie! From dressing them up to Barbie and Ken weddings. We would spend hours playing together only stopping to eat lunch. Those are some of our favorite memories together.

Here is a throwback Thursday to when we met Barbie and friends in real life and their famous hot pink limo at Disneyland in July of 1994!

Heather with Barbie

Holly with Barbie

Heather, Holly, and our cousin Jordan with the iconic limo

Our 1st Barbie house from Santa. There wasn’t a Christmas that we can remember that we didn’t ask for a new barbie and their accessories. We had everything from a RV to a red mustang convertible for those Barbies. They were living the life!

Heather even met the creator of Barbie, Ruth Handler, and got a Barbie autographed.
Here is information of the History of Barbie