About Holly

Holly & Robb 13

Location: Houston
Prefers: Coffee over tea. Morning over night. Spring over Summer. Fall over Winter. Yoga pants over jeans. Hosting over attending. Curly hair over straight. Baking over cooking. Wine over Champagne. Shopping over Cardio. Chocolate over fruity. Candy over Chips. Manicure over pedicure. Hugs over kisses. Fruits over Vegetables. Bichon Poodles. Fresh flowers. Cozy nights in. Love notes. Traveling. DIY’s. Cycling. Farmers Markets. Pizza. Reality TV. Reading.

I moved to Houston the summer of 2015. A few months later I married my husband, Robb. My sister and I were always cooking and crafting and we decided to start a blog. We launched in November of 2015. This is a great outlet to share our creativity and document our lives. We couldn’t decided on one single topic to blog about, so we decided to do a hodge-podge of everything. I hope that you find inspiration through our blog and even try out some of our recipes or DIY’s.

Enjoy the blog! 🙂